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Training Bundles

All Access PassOD 1

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All Access Pass Highlights:

  • Over 200 Hours of video
  • 365 Day Access
  • Manuals
  • Practice Test and Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion

AVI has been pioneering innovative learning solutions to help you access technical diagnostic training faster and more efficiently. With our new All Access Pass it has never been more affordable. The All Access Pass puts our online catalog of automotive training right at your fingertips to speed you through the training you need to stay current. Keep your diagnostic skills sharp with the All Access Pass for the ability to access the information you need instantly for On The Job reference and training.

Features & Benefits:
  • Full Access for One Year
  • Signing up for the CTI Online All Access Pass enables you to access all of our over 200 online training classes including our traditional ASE Test Prep, our Interactive Technical Courses, the amazing Practical Application Simulations as well as all the AVI video courses.
  • 100’s of Hours of Training
  • Access to all of the great diagnostic training is available to you for a full year. Earn training certificates, and reference the videos for diagnostic procedures. With the Platinum Pass, diagnostic training is at your fingertips all year long.
  • Comprehensive Quizzes and Testing
  • AVI Training courses from CTI Online come with comprehensive quizzes and testing helping to better assess your knowledge throughout the classes. Use the quizzes to find out where you need to improve, review the videos and other materials and let us help you succeed.
  • Certificates of Course Completion
  • Take pride in what you learn! AVI Courses from CTI Online provide you the ability to earn Certificates of Completion once you have watched the videos, performed the activities and successfully passed the tests. Educators can use these certificates towards NATEF hours as well.
    Runtime: over 160 hours


    Test Prep Bundle

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AVI - ASE Test Prep Highlights:

  • Over 200 Hours of video
  • 365 Day Access
  • Manuals
  • Practice Test and Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion

Taking the ASE Tests just got easier! Gain the knowledge you will need to pass the ASE A series, L1, and C1 tests with the Advance eLearning Test Prep Bundle.

This bundle includes:

  • ASE A1 Test Prep: Engine Repair
  • ASE A2 Test Prep: Automatic Transmission
  • ASE A3 Test Prep: Manual Drivetrains and Axels
  • ASE A4 Test Prep: Suspension and Steering
  • ASE A5 Test Prep: Automotive/Light Truck Brakes
  • ASE A6 Test Prep: Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • ASE A7 Test Prep: Heating and Air Conditioning
  • ASE A8 Test Prep: Engine Performance
  • ASE A9 Test Prep: Light Vehicle Diesel
  • ASE C1 Test Prep: Automobile Service Consultant
  • ASE L1 Test Prep: Engine Performance Specialist
  • ASE L3 Test Prep: Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist
  • ASE G1 Test Prep: Auto Maintenance and Light Repair
  • ASE P2 Test Prep: Automobile Parts Specialist

AVI Courses Available Individually

For additional information, contact CTISupport@carquest.com
  • ASE A1 Test Prep-Engine Repair
  • ASE-A2 Transmission Diagnosis
  • ASE-A3 Manual Drivetrains and Axles
  • ASE A4 Test Prep-Suspension and Steering
  • ASE-A5 Brakes
  • ASE-A6 Electrical
  • ASE-A7 Heating and AC
  • ASE-A8 Engine Performance
  • ASE-A9OD A9 Test Prep
  • ASE-C1 Test Prep Service Consultant
  • ASE-G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair
  • ASE-L1OD L1 Test Prep
  • ASE-L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist
  • ASE-P2OD P2 Test Prep
  • LBT-108 Survival Skills for the Service Provider
  • LBT-109 Becoming the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For
  • LBT-114 GM Anti-Theft Systems
  • LBT-124 Ford 7.3L DIT Powerstroke Diagnostics
  • LBT-126 Planning for Success
  • LBT-133 F.R.E.D. Busses The Body
  • LBT-136 Ford 6.0L DIT Diesel Powerstroke
  • LBT-140 Telephone Techniques: Power Phrases That Pay
  • LBT-141 GM Electronic Throttle Control
  • LBT-142 GM Smart Charge
  • LBT-143 SP Estrategias Diagnosticas
  • LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check
  • LBT-146 Functional Scanner Testing
  • LBT-149 Duramax Diesel Diagnostics
  • LBT-153 TPMS Tips & Techniques
  • LBT-153 SP Sistemas de TPM
  • LBT-158 Getting the Most out of Your Solarity Scope
  • LBT-159 Genisys 3.0
  • LBT-159 SP Sacarle lo probecho a tu Genisys
  • LBT-164 CAN Data Diagnostics
  • LBT-165 6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced Diagnostics
  • LBT-165 SP Aumento De Diagnostico Ford Powerstroke 6.0L
  • LBT-166 Using the Ford IDS
  • LBT-166 SP Usando El Ford IDS
  • LBT-172 Ford and Chrysler EVAP
  • LBT-173 GM and Toyota EVAP
  • LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty
  • LBT-185 Eating Your Competition Alive
  • LBT-186 Secrets to Running a Zoo
  • LBT-187 Volkswagen and Audi Diagnostics
  • LBT-188 MACS AC Clinic
  • LBT-190 Ford Powerstroke: Hard Starts and No Starts
  • LBT-191 Introduction to the Ford 6.4L Diesel
  • LBT-192 Advantages of Mode $06
  • LBT-196 Genisys EVO
  • LBT-197 Cummins 5.9 Diesel Diagnostics
  • LBT-202 Misfire Diagnostics
  • LBT-205 Pegisys Essential Techniques Training
  • LBT-210 In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics
  • LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform
  • LBT-213 Fuel System Testing Strategies
  • LBT-214 Service Advisor Tips and Tricks
  • LBT-215 Pico Scope Guided Tour
  • LBT-217 MTS 5200
  • LBT-218 Using Your Tech2
  • LBT-219 J2534 Reprogramming
  • LBT-221 Introduction to Marketing Principles
  • LBT-223 Top 10 OBDII Codes
  • LBT-224 AC Best Recommended Practices
  • LBT-227 Why J2788 Standard
  • LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems
  • LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics
  • LBT-229 SP Diagnosticos Intermitentes
  • LBT-230 OTC TPMS
  • LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops
  • LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X and Y
  • LBT-237 F.R.E.D. Kicks The CAN
  • LBT-239 Gasoline Direct Injection
  • LBT-243 Quick Check Diagnostics
  • LBT-246 SP MTS 5200 Osciloscopio
  • LBT-249 Getting To Know Your VCI
  • LBT-250 Working with Gen X and Y
  • LBT-258 Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L
  • LBT-259 Catalyst Efficiency Diagnostics
  • LBT-260 How to Sell a Spark Plug
  • LBT-262 IDS VCM 2
  • LBT-263 Duramax Diesel Diagnostics Update
  • LBT-267 Genisys 5.0 Training
  • LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation
  • LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw
  • LBT-271 Deceptive Diagnostics
  • MACS AC Temperature Testing
  • LBT-274 Saving Your 6.0 Powerstroke
  • LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using Your Autel MaxiSYS
  • LBT-277 Making More Money Servicing TPMS
  • LBT-278 Service Management Made Simple
  • LBT-281 Servicing Hybrids
  • LBT-283 The Diagnostic Approach
  • LBT-287 6.7L Power Stroke Training
  • LBT-288 Ford Power Stroke Component Testing
  • LBT-293 Mastering the Module Flash
  • LBT-294 Diagnosing OEM Vehicle Theft Deterrent Systems
  • LBT-295 Variable Valve Timing
  • LBT-298 Insider Secrets: Focus on Fords
  • LBT-299 Lubricants and Filtration Technologies - The Slippery Slope
  • LBT-300 Cummins Generations
  • LBT-301 Mysteries Of Gasoline Direct Injection
  • LBT-303SP Fundamentos de Diagnosticos Electricos
  • LBT-307 The Essentials of Gasoline Direct Injection
  • LBT-41 Current Ramping 1-2-3
  • LBT-43 4 and 5 Gas Emissions Testing with Bill Fulton
  • LBT-54 Ignition System Testing with Coil-on-Plug and Misfire Detection
  • LBT-55 Enhanced Ignition Systems
  • F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus
  • LBT-74 Mastering the Mastertech
  • LBT-75 Computer Engine Data Modes
  • LBT-83 Fuelish Tips
  • LBT-84 Getting Technical with Your Tech 2
  • EPT-001 Essentials of Performance Tuning
  • LS-4 Pratical TPMS Service
  • LS-5 In-Vehicle Battery/Starter/Alternator Diagnostics
  • LS-6 Intermittent Misfire Detection Strategies
  • LS-7 Service Selling Skills - Close One More Job
  • LS-8 Computer Engine Data - Make Testing Quicker
  • LS-9 Wiring Schematics Interpretation
  • LS-11 Testing and Diagnosing Turbo Charging Systems
  • LS-12 Servicing Telematic Systems
  • LS-20 Lubrication & Filtration Technologies: The Difficult Truth
  • LS-22 European Vehicle Security Systems
  • LS-28 Quick Strike Diesel No-Start Diagnostics
  • LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C Update
  • LS-42 Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics: Nissan Titan Diesel Overview
  • LS-45 Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics for European Vehicles
  • AP-9 Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing

CARQUEST Virtual Vehicle

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What is Virtual Vehicle?

Virtual Vehicle is an online support program for automotive service professionals that will simplify the communication between service professionals and their customers. It is designed specifically as a tool for service professionals that will assist as they explain why and what services and repairs are needed.

The simplified animations of vehicle parts and systems will allow service professionals to easily illustrate over 165 of the most common customer vehicle concerns (and counting!). Some examples are:

  • Why a timing belt needs to be replaced
  • What effect warped brake disks/rotors have
  • Why fuel injectors need to be cleaned



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CARQUEST works in close partnership with many major automotive suppliers and manufacturers and provides products that meet or exceed original-equipment (OE) specifications and performance.


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More than 9,200 auto service locations in the U.S. and Canada committed to serving customers with professional automotive repair at a reasonable cost.


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The CARQUEST Tool & Equipment catalog is published quarterly and features the latest tools and equipment, available from your CARQUEST Auto Parts store.



 Get access to accurate, OE-based information in its original, unedited format. MotoLOGIC delivers high-quality content that includes clickable and color-coded wiring diagrams, diagnostic flowcharts with sophisticated hyperlinks to other related documentation, and more.


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